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PPHU Agroma – Sokółka Sp. z o.o.
16-100 Sokółka, ul. Gęsia 7

Monday – Friday:  7.00 – 17.00

Saturday:  8.00 – 14.00


phone: 85 711 51 06
mobile: 501 266 334

Stationary shop Agroma Sokółka

We are an authorized distributor of parts of many renowned brands. We constantly expand our offer. Every year we add several hundred new items to our stock.

We have several dozen thousand products in our continuous offer. Our qualified staff will help you choose the right part. Depending on your choice, it will either be an original product or a high-quality replacement.

If we do not have something in stock – we order it within 24 hours. If you are far from us, we will send you the goods by courier. If you are not sure what to order – call our representative, who will visit you on the farm and help with the selection of the right product.

We cooperate with the largest wholesalers in Poland and Europe. We are constantly looking for new suppliers who will help us provide our customers with the widest possible selection of parts.

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Buy parts for your machines and tractors in Agroma

We supply parts to all manufacturers of machinery and tractors, both Polish and European. We have catalogues thanks to which we can help you find the desired assortment. We complete all orders in the shortest possible time. In most cases, within 24h. In addition to typical parts, we sell engine accessories and fuel equipment for machines of many brands.

We are also well-stocked with agricultural tires and inner tubes. If necessary, we deliver the goods to the address provided.

Agricultural accessories necessary for every farmer

Our store is also a well-equipped point with all kinds of accessories needed on every farm. We try to select suppliers in such a way as to have a price-diversified offer, addressed to both professional and amateur users. We constantly look for new partners for cooperation to provide our customers with the widest possible range at the best prices.

We offer such items as:

foil for bales and prisms, agricultural twine, agricultural netting, batteries, oils, filters, bearings, V-belts, technical seals, lighting, keys, construction tools, garden tools, screws, nuts, rivets, washers, steel ropes, anchors, clamps, chains, work gloves, work clothes, steamer tubes, parts for milking machines, milking chemicals, diesel tanks.

Other items

We offer a wide selection of metallurgical materials, such as a cut-off machine, on which the steel can be cut to the desired size. In the case of larger orders, we deliver the goods to the address indicated.

From the beginning of our business activity, we have been running a technical gas exchange point. Our regular offer includes oxygen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, amix, argon, propane-butane. The customer should have a replacement cylinder with valid legalization.

We also sell contact tips, welding wires, masks, electrodes, and other accessories.

We have selected building materials in our offer. In the case of larger orders, we deliver the goods to the address indicated. A hydraulic crane can be offered upon prior arrangement.

We also offer construction products: cement, construction lime, construction foils, fence nets, fence posts, forest nets, wheelbarrows.

Fertilizers and seeds

We are an authorized distributor of many well-known producers of agricultural seeds. By purchasing seeds from us, you can be sure that you are getting a good quality product at competitive prices. We have seed varieties of both Polish suppliers, proven on the local market, as well as of renowned Western brands. Please contact the store or sales representative who will help you choose the right type of seeds.

PPHU “Agroma – Sokółka” is a large, proven supplier of fertilizers for agriculture. Several decades of experience have allowed us to develop an attractive offer for our customers. We have a large, paved yard and a shelter where we store fertilizers. If you decide to collect your order in person, you can count on efficient loading with a forklift. All our products are fresh and clump-free. We offer domestic and imported fertilizers.

We currently have fertilizers:

ammonium nitrate, urea, polyphoska, lubofoska, amofoska, granulated salt, fertilizer lime, loose lime, npk, holist, ammonium phosphate, salmag, calcium ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, magnesium sulphate, superphostat, timac agro, luboplon, lubofos, saletrosan, tarnogran, agrophoska.

Full truck deliveries at attractive prices. 0% instalment purchases with no commission or initial fee. Loading with a forklift, delivery, unloading with a hydraulic crane.

Plant protection products

We offer our clients a wide range of plant protection products from renowned producers. When buying from us, you can count on professional help in choosing the right preparation.

You buy plant protection products only from legal distribution. If necessary, we can deliver orders directly to your farm. Our offer is prepared for all types of crops.

If you do not have time to visit our traditional store in Sokółka, you can contact our sales representative by clicking here. You can also order selected items in our online store